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Mencer’s Tree Service, LLC: Certified Arborists

Where perfection is our goal, but excellence comes standard.


In 1960 George “Bill” Mencer founded Mencer’s Tree Service in Knoxville, Tennessee. He joined the marines when he was 17 years old, married at age 19 and started Mencer’s Tree Service when he was 21.  George needed to provide for the family that he had always wanted. His boys followed his footsteps into the tree business and they all served in the Army.  As the children came and time went by things did not get easier for the young Mencer family.
In July of 1962, Miles Mencer, the third of five, was brought into this world. At an early age he was taught the value of hard work and determination. They took care of a farm in order to live in a small two-bedroom house rent-free.  The tree business however was the only way they knew that they could make money. By the age of nine Miles and his brothers were helping their Dad in the trees. They were just a few men with a saw, a pick-up truck, and a dream. George repeatedly told his sons that, “If you are the best at what you do success will follow regardless of your profession.” They prided themselves in doing the best work for a fair price, and soon enough their very small company began to slowly grow. They continually pushed themselves to be better. In 1987, George passed away in a very unfortunate tractor accident. The family was devastated.
Around this time, Miles started a family of his own which included two boys.  Since then, Miles has done everything in his power to grow Mencer’s Tree Service, LLC to what it is today. It’s one company that thrives on core moral values and is also based on a standard of work rivaled by few and envied by many.  Miles’ eldest son, Andy, now works for his father and helps him run the company.
Mencer’s Tree Service hired a full time Office Manager, Angie, who is available to answer all phone calls and schedule appointments. Mencer’s also has 15 other employees that work in the field, as well as a fleet of trucks and a reputation of excellence that is synonymous with the Mencer name.
We pride ourselves on continuing what George began over 60 years ago and continue to offer the best service at an affordable price.  Always remember at Mencer’s Tree Service, LLC we will go out on a limb for you. No tree can stump us!!!
We appreciate the chance to have the opportunity to do business with you because if you’re looking for quality, you just found it.