Frank & Cindy Galbraith

Thank you for the outstanding job your crew did as they took down a large oak tree for us. The yard was cleaned and leveled perfectly when the guys left, and I couldn't find deep tire tracks anywhere. This was the second time in the last few months that you have taken down a large oak tree for us, and your work was just as admirable last time. It's Mencer's for us when we need a tree down!

Harrow Rd.

Dave & Helen Dickey

Dear Mencers Crew,

We wish to THANK YOU for the top notch job you all rendered at our residence. It is always appreciated for doing exactly as agreed to and the more visual detail of cleaning a customer's grounds. The ENTIRE crew gets high marks for their professionalism, deportment and leaving the scene better than whey they arrived.

Once again, thank you for the outstanding job performance.

Duncan Rd.

Todd Wyrick

It really is awesome to watch your crews do what they do best. All of your services is second to none and my client recommended you all to a neighbor also. Thank you for your all's hard work and how quickly you help handle the claims that I have! Thanks Angie and have a great day!

Poole's Reconstruction & Restoration

Shameka Pollard

Angie, thank you so much for sending the guys today!!! I can't believe how quickly the tree was removed and all signs of the tree were gone. 🙂 I will definitely be contacting you guys in the future to have a few more trees removed. Have a great day!!

Laverne Ln.

John Barton

Thank your crew for coming out and cutting the tree down. They were fantastic, extremely professional & did a phenomenal job. We will contact you if we need any tree service in the future.

Raven Hill Ct.

Samantha Gandy

Thanks to the horrible storm last week, two of our huge trees out back split in two. This morning, Mencer's came and took both trees down and all that I can say is that these guys are outstanding!!!!! They were polite, thoughtful, professional and did an excellent job!! Angie, thank you and please thank these great guys that came out, removed the two huge trees, cleaned up our backyard when they were through and were just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tennyson Dr.

Wes Helms

For what it's worth, your guys were incredibly professional, quick, and wonderful to work with in general. I will be recommending them to anyone that needs any tree services!

Woodburn Dr.

RT on yelp.com

Mencer's Tree Service does great work. They took down a huge tree for us and the yard was spotless after they finished. Miles Mencer works with his crew and they have all the equipment needed to do a job well. I highly recommend Mencer's, and will not use anyone else!

Pete Kerr

Thank you for a job well done once again!

Sentry Ln.

Sherry Lam

Angie, thank you so much for your kind email. The men did a wonderful job, were courteous, efficient, and cleaned up so you would never know that anyone had been here. Except for the fact that the trees look in great shape!!

Once again we thank you for your kind and good service to us. You have a hard job keeping all yours customers happy when the weather puts you behind. But you are a good representative and I pray the very best for you as you continue in your work for Mencer's.

Oak Haven Rd.

Julie King

Thanks Mencers!! FYI: One of our tenant's called to brag on how nice the trees looked after y'all trimmed them so I wanted you to know.

I have only received about 3 calls in 5 years from anyone with anything good to say. Usually, a property manager hears nothing but fussing and complaining so THANK YOU for allowing me a good call today.

Southern Management Development

Robert Hill

The quote included copies of his insurance certificates. Mencers crew arrived on time on the day scheduled. There were 7 workers and all the trucks and equipment needed for the job. They immediately started to work on the marked trees and worked steadily all morning to finish the job before noon. The climbers were very skilled, efficient, safety conscious and courteous. They dropped the limbs without causing damage to the surrounding yard or shrubs. Some of the trees were near power lines and they were handled with no issue. All limbs up to 6-8 inches were chipped and the larger portions of the trees were hauled off in a dump truck.
After the trees were felled, the crew cleaned up all the debris by raking, carrying to the chipper and finally blowing the sawdust so it could be collected or distributed. We kept the chips to use as mulch.

Gynevere Drive

Christy Puettman

Dear Miles and Angie,

I had an urgent situation with an extremely large tree down. My brother was coming over with a chainsaw at 4 p.m. to tackle the problem, which was too large for even 10 men!! I panicked that morning and googled 'tree services in Knoxville, TN. They all mentioned that with my urgency and the amount of equipment and manpower it would take made this a very expensive and long process. Perhaps not their intent, but I felt taken advantage of. I made one final call to Mencer's around 1:30, and spoke with Mile's regarding my time crunch and situation. He quoted a more than fair price and answered the phone each time I called. One hour later, I had another man from a competing tree service company insist on stopping by. He was at my house, telling me that my situation requires a lot of labor and machinery and time therefore he gave a price three times higher than Mencers Tree Services gave me. While he was still at my home, Mencers Tree Services pulled up with an army of trucks and equipment/machinery and at least 10 men. (Mencers employs educated certified arborists.) Like a Knight in shining armor, Mencers and Miles cared enough about me as a customer to show up in a big way and get the job done professionally and swiftly, because they have the equipment and experience! The competitor, still at my house, felt pretty silly when I told him the price Mencers gave me as well as when he noticed the army of trucks and equipment and employees. Remember, this well known competitor told me it would be pricey to get the job done, and would take days. The job was done in one hour and the employees left my yard looking better than before the large tree came down. I would also like to emphasize the INTEGRITY OF MENCERS TREE SERVICES AND MILES!!! On a very busy day, even when he had much larger jobs going on around town, he cared about a customer whom he never met, and my situation. Instead of taking advantage, Miles was pro-active to help and rearranged and had the job done before 4 p.m! I also have since spoken with other friends and neighbors who had the exact same experience with Mencers Tree Service!! HANDS DOWN, I WOULD ONLY CALL THEM IN THE FUTURE!!!

Harts View Drive

Christi Arnold

Dear Mencers - I'm writing you this letter to tell you about my experience. I have 2 Bradford pear trees in my front yard that have been cut several times in the past. Mencers has been, by far, the best company I have ever used. The guys did a great job and were very quick, professional and thorough. The trees were quite large, yet they left no mess behind. They cleaned up every branch, leaf and even the pavement in the cul-de-sac after the chipper was moved. I will certainly recommend Mencers to my friends and neighbors and plan to use them again in the future. Thanks again!

Kathy Gotcher

We have used Mencer's Tree Service for many years. They just completed a job for us with excellent results. From their courteous office staff to the actual wood cutting team, our request was executed with speed and precision. We appreciate their expertise and professionalism and highly recommend to anyone needing trees removed or trimmed.

Joe Cafferata

I highly recommend Mencer's for any tree work you need. I had a storm damaged tree in a precarious situation over the house and they responded promptly, even during a very busy post-storm time, quoted quickly and fairly, and were done with removal by 9am the following morning. Angie, Nick and Andy were all very professional and courteous.

Jay Acosta

Today we saw and had the best equipped class act Company, they brought an army & took down 9 big trees & the only evidence that they were here is the logs we wanted to keep. We STRONGLY recommend Mencers.

Kimberly Dalton

Just had our third experience with Mencers Tree Service. I can't say enough on how awesome these guys are - Prompt, professional, best clean up, excellent service all the way around. You will not find a better price for what these guys do. More than just cutting down the tree. Thank you so much for the excellent job.

Christopher Flexer

You guys did a great job.

Joseph Manning

Completely removed a large river birch in my front yard. Rarely have I seen such a large job go so smoothly and so quickly. They came as I was leaving for work and when I came home at lunch, not only was the tree gone, but there was almost no evidence that they had been there--completely cleaned up. Very pleased!

Ron Nash

Mencer's cut and removed a large dead ash tree. It took a while to get them on site, primarily because of stormy weather in the area causing a lot of tree damage..once they got here, they were very professional in terms of equipment as well as personnel, and performance..very satisfied w/total project which was a large dead ash tree overhanging a play area..no playground equipment was damaged..would recommend to anyone w/large dangerous type project.

Paul Pier

Cut down a willow tree that was half dead and later ground the stump.This was the second or third time I have used Mencer's Tree Service and I have been pleased each time. They showed up with a crew of about seven and all the right equipment. It was a pleasure to watch the teamwork. Each man seem to know this job and performed it well. The tree was cut down, run through chipper, site cleaned up and all was completed in only 30-40 minutes. These guys are professionals at what they do and the price was reasonable. I would definitely call on Mencer's again if the need arises.

Dana McLaughlin

We are very pleased with your services. Thank you for a fantastic job!

Dave Metz

Thanks to you and to the crew for making such short work of those four trees! The guys were very hard-working!

Tom & Sally Lacey

We are so satisfied with Mencer's Tree Service! Thanks for you excellent work and professional attitude. Will definitely recommend to others!

Jack Bender

Just want to tell you, Miles and Andy how much I appreciated the work u all did. Amazing!

Tom Lacey

Our thanks to Mencer Tree Service. I appreciate that you were able to schedule our project quickly. We were pleased with the quality of the trim work done on our trees and the efficient clean up of their work.

Patrick Foster

Thank you so much for helping me out on those two big pine trees. I appreciate you guys so much!

I went on your web site and can see that all of your customers feel the same way I do. No wonder you are so successful!

David Bruce

Shout out to Mencer's tree service for squeezing me into their very busy schedule today with very short notice. These guys are very professional and did a great job.

- David Bruce

Debbie Ledbetter

A big thank you to everyone involved! This was a painless, efficient, and professional experience. I especially appreciate Angie's patience and Miles' expertise. Happy Thanksgiving.

~ Debbie Ledbetter

Jen Valukas

Hey Mencers Tree Service, LLC - your guys are great! They ground a stump in our yard today and even fluffed the grass back up where the bobcat left tracks. Fabulous! Thanks!

~ Jen Valukas

Robin Anne Williams

Incredible job! Fast and clean. Best of all reasonable! Get an estimate.

~ Robin Anne Williams

Rachel Peterson

Great service, friendly staff ,best price I could find. They have all the equipment and experience to work quickly. Two trees with extensive trimming and one large tree cut down in 1.5 hrs. They did a great job cleaning up after the work was done. I would highly recommend this company.

~ Rachel Peterson

Mark Robinson

I NEVER call anyone else. They are reasonable and do the best job!

~ Mark Robinson

Ron Collins

I called Mencer's because of their excellent reputation. I had just built a new Trex composite deck and I had several trees dripping sap all over it. I called Angie @ Mencer 's and she scheduled Miles to come out and provide me an estimate. He was very understanding and was fair with his prices. They scheduled me quickly because that we were having an upcoming house warming party. Excellent work in a area with limited room. They cleaned up everything after their job. Do not waste your time calling other tree companies, Mencer's is the best.

~ Ron Collins

Andrea Foster

I contacted several tree service companies when a tree had fallen on my heat pump leaving my home without heat and MENCER was the only company that returned my call AND removed the tree that same day! EXCELLENT PEOPLE AND SERVICE!!

~ Andrea Foster

Kimberly Dalton

Absolutely the best service and best price in town. Highly recommend!!!

~ Kimberly Dalton

Wanda Wagner

Please convey to every person who worked this morning that they did an excellent job. They were very thorough and they had a great attitude. Thank you for an excellent job. I am very pleased.

~ Wanda Wagner

Gary Schmieder

Thank you for the good service!

Linda Tyler

Thank your team for a great job. We're so appreciative!

~ Linda Tyler

Deborah Haisely

Thanks Angie & Miles! Great price and a good job. Love working with your crew. They are the best.

~ Deborah Haisely

Lisa Schutt

The work that was done was perfect! We appreciate the clean up and attempt to cover fence so our dogs couldn't get out. Will definitely recommend Mencers to others.

~ Lisa Schutt

Larry Parker

Miles: Thank you for taking care of my ‘tree issues.’! You have a great, hardworking crew, and I appreciate their knowledge, skill and dedication to getting the job done. Next time I need service I know who to call!!

Best regards,

~ Larry Parker

Judy Hodge

Thanks Miles. Your employees did a great job trimming our silver maple trees. They completed the job in about one and one-half hours and left the area clean and tidy. Thanks again!

~ Judy Hodge

Melanie Noltenius

Thanks for cutting down those 2 ugly trees – you did a beautiful job! Came in, worked quickly, so professional and so wonderful. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!

~ Melanie Noltenius

Mike & Mary Sonju

The crew did an excellent job and we really appreciate it. They cleaned it up great and just did a great job. Thanks so much!

~ Mike & Mary Sonju

Harry Duncan

Thanks, thanks & great big thanks. Your guys did some dangerous work there and I was very impressed with the safety precautions they used. They were excellent, careful and did a great job. I was there the entire time and those guys worked hard and when they did a wonderful job with clean up. Fantastic job! Appreciate you all.

~ Harry Duncan

Grif Harrison

Thanks for the service. Eric is great; he’s just outstanding. The whole crew did a great job!

~ Grif Harrison

Alan Sims

I really like what they did with the trees. It’s a lot better than what I had described, more of a heartfelt approach to it. I think it’s better for the trees and they look prettier than what I had suggested. So thanks again for handling it much better than I had come up with.

~ Alan Sims

David Cox

Miles, thanks for taking care of us so quickly!

~ David Cox

Jason Payton

I just wanted to say thanks for helping us out and giving us our backyard back. We appreciate the skill and professionalism you and your tea exhibited. You can count on our referral. Thanks again!

~ Jason Payton

Wanda Holmes

The tree guys were very professional and they did real good work. Their crew was friendly and polite and I would highly recommend them. They do everybody's yard around here and they are a very reputable company. They are highly recommended by different people. They cleaned up the mess and everything looked very nice.
~ Wanda Holmes

Betty Marcum

Mencer's Tree Service came very highly recommended to us by a friend. Their price was very reasonable and they did a fantastic job on the trees. They cleaned up very well.

~ Betty Marcum

Nick Kalogris

I had several trees that were leaning over my neighbors fences and my power lines that were sure to come down if we had any kind of snow or ice. Miles Mencer came out and I pointed out what I wanted done. Miles said he’d get to it next week. Bad weather was predicted for the following day; when I got home that afternoon, the work had been done before the predicted weather. I was very glad and the work was juts what I asked for. The price is reasonable compared to other services. Hire him and be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

~ Nick Kalogris

Isabella Schumacher

They did an excellent job removing the trees! They worked very efficiently and cleaned everything up really well. We are very pleased with their work. From three estimates we had been given, their estimate was by far the lowest with a difference of more than $500 compared to the highest. I’d hire them again.
~ Isabella Schumacher

Lori Lowery

Getting the estimate was quick (just a couple of days) and they came in much cheaper than a couple of other companies in the area but they are so busy it took a few weeks to finally get the job scheduled and done. They arrived on time the morning of the job, had a very large crew and lots of equipment to get the job done quickly. They removed all seven trees, cut the trunks down as low as possible, disposed of all the wood and cleaned up the area within two and half hours. Most efficient tree removal I've ever seen. He even cut down two limbs hanging over my fence at no extra cost. My neighbor was so impressed he got a business card to use them for future work. They do an excellent job! Be patient about getting the work done, he’s worth it.
~ Lori Lowery

Ann Hansen

Mr. Mencer called me and said he would be over after they stopped for lunch. Well, he was here within 40 minutes with his crew and went right to work. Mr. Mencer climbed this 59-foot dead tree himself. He took it down in sections with a crew of 5 or 6 men guiding the tree pieces down as to not his the house. Mencer’s Tree Service was here a little over an hour, and when they left there was not one stray limb, dead flower, torn up grass, piles of sawdust, or broken house parts. They cleaned everything. The only thing different was that the big old tree was gone. He has to be the best at what he does, or at least I think so. It was pretty impressive to watch.
~ Ann Hansen

Gerald Lundeen

I have used Mencer’s more than once and they did an amazing job and their cost was quite a bit less than other bids I got. They were very efficient and cleaned up after themselves. Professional crew. I’m very satisfied.
~ Gerald Lundeen

Marti Rebbe

Mencer’s is Outstanding!  About a month ago I got and estimate from another tree service. The estimate they gave me was laughable. They quoted $4000.00 for the Elm and $2000.00 for the Pine. They explained that’s how much it would cost to do it the way it should be done and that the trees were very large and that it would cost them a lot of money to haul everything away. I have had the Elm tree trimmed in the past and never paid anything close to what they were quoting me. I called Mencer’s for a 2nd quote. Fortunately they were working in my neighborhood so they were able to look at my trees and quote a price. Mencer’s told me my trees were very healthy and that all that was needed was for the tree to be raised and some of the lower branches close to my roof removed. The price he quoted me was $275.00 including cleanup. I will never call another tree company other than Mencer’s. They were honest with me and didn't do any unnecessary work.
~ Marti Rebbe

Ben Feldmeyer

Mencer’s Tree Service was excellent. We got several estimates and they were by far the cheapest and most professional. They gave us a free estimate and came out to take out the trees within a few weeks. They had all the work done in less than 2 hours, cleaned up the debris afterward, and hauled the wood away (although they said we could keep it if we wanted it). They are the best tree service I have ever worked with and I have recommended them to many of my neighbors. Use them, you won’t regret it.
~ Ben Feldmeyer

Karen Bryant

Mencer’s took down several large pine trees and trimmed several others. I was not home when they did the work and when I did get home I couldn’t even tell they had been there. It was just immaculate. I had at least 3 or 4 estimates and they were by far the best price. I would absolutely hire them again.
~ Karen Bryant

Tony Kyle

We needed someone to remove a hickory tree that was impinging on the foundation and roof. Called around to get estimates. Based on Mr. Mencer's estimate and the Angie's recommendations, we chose them. The crew was out when they said they would be, did everything we asked and a bit more. They were professional, courteous, and cleaned up after themselves. Very impressed.
~ Tony Kyle

Nancy Berry

Mencer’s removed a 30-foot white pine from our front yard. They arrived with 8 men and the job (except for the stump) was completed within 2 hours. They came back a week later and removed the stump. We were totally pleased with their work and would certainly recommend them.
~ Nancy Berry

John Labine

We have used Mencer's twice this year with great results.  First job was to remove a very large, standing, dead oak that threatened our house and surrounding trees that we really wanted to preserve.  Second job followed the June 21 storm that blew another large oak tree down onto the roof of my detached garage/workshop.  Both jobs were relatively tricky - plenty of opportunity to cause more damage than good.  Not the cheapest quote, but not the highest by any means.  What I liked:  in both cases, they brought the men and machines necessary to do the job quickly, safely, and completely.  No messing around - they attacked the job.  We were a bit taken back when we received the quotes for both of these jobs.  But after seeing them do the work - the planning, high-reach bucket truck, Bobcat, climbers, chippers, etc... it was clear that it takes more than an old pickup truck, chainsaw, a few ropes, and a handful of guys with little to live for - to get this work done safely and when promised.  Highly recommended.
~ John Labine

Joan Thomas

I received an estimate from Mencer's Tree Services, LLC. They were good. They had the best price. I would use them again in the future.
~ Joan Thomas

Michael Blackwell

Mencer’s responded to my first call and came by to estimate the costs of removing trees.  This was to happen in "one to two weeks.”  Due to a number of factors the work was delayed, however when Miles Mencer got started, the work was done extremely professionally as contracted and the price was excellent.  I will definitely use Mencer's Tree Service for any future jobs.
~ Michael Blackwell

James Hamill

We hired Mencer’s Tree Service for general trimming and we have been quite happy with them. They are good. The job went fine. It is a company that we like to do business with. They are very professional and just good.
~ James Hamill

Rick Rollins

I called Angie's List and got their name.  One thing that I really liked about them was that they were extremely efficient and they basically left no footprint.  If you didn't know the tree was gone, you wouldn't know the tree was here. They were in and out very quickly and they did a nice job.
~ Rick Rollins

Deena Parks

Mencer’s did a really good job. The pricing of the job that they performed was great. They came well under everybody I had quotes from, maybe three or four hundred less than other people. I think they were very reasonable. I am happy with the job they performed. They were very efficient. They had a crew that came out and they were great. They cleaned up nicely. They came before the date that I was expecting them and for me that was great. I would use this provider again in the future.
~ Deena Parks

Diana Morris

We used Mencer’s after the hailstorm. They removed and cut down seven trees. We chose them after seeing them on Angie’s List. I give them an A grade on everything! We've used them more than once. And plan to use them again in the spring.
~ Diana Morris

James Thompson

I have used Mencer’s and I think they are excellent. I would definitely recommend them. We had a good experience with them.
~ James Thompson

Lisa Busch

Miles came out, and was punctual. His was one of several tree service companies we have had come out and give us an estimate on the services. He was very matter-of-fact and knowledgeable, and gave me the best estimate, including breaking the estimate down into parts so we would know what the cost was should we choose to do the stump grinding part ourselves. He didn't seem to over-inflate or make it seem like a bigger job than it was, and gave us the best estimate. I called him back to schedule the removal of our tree and stump. They did a great job, cleaned up everything and even left a bit of the ground stump for us to put on the garden as mulch. We were very pleased with the service.
~ Lisa Busch

John Thomson

I used Mencer's Tree Service for an estimate on a big oak tree.  I have used them three times all together. They are good and probably the best in the area.  Their estimate was terribly high.  They did not charge me anything for the estimate.  They are very busy and I had to call them a second time for it.  They are very professional.  I would use them again in the future.
~ John Thomson

James Spencer

I used Mencer’s and the price I paid was more than $2500 and this was in response to storm damage. I have had a quick response from them. Their pricing is competitive. I will used them again and I have used them several times.
~ James Spencer

Rachel Weibley

We used Mencer’s Tree Service when we moved in. We needed some trees taken out. Mencer’s took them out very efficiently and we could not believe that they took them out as fast as they did.  No one got hurt and that was good because they were enormous trees.  They asked us if we needed the wood chipped and we did, so they did that and that solved two problems for us.  They were great.  It was less than we thought that it was going to be.  We will use them again and in fact we need to use them.
~ Rachel Weibley

Joseph Rutherford

I used Mencer's Tree Service. I had three big trees cut down and one cut up into eighteen-inch block so that I could burn in the fireplace.  It’s a local company. They tell me what they are going to do and they did it. I could barely tell that they were there except that for the shaving when they cut the tree. There was no disturbance in the yard. They are not as expensive as the others that I called.
~ Joseph Rutherford

Paul Pier

Miles Mencer had given cost estimates that were significantly less than another tree service from which I had obtained estimates.  Miles also gave me some tips on how to fertilize a willow in my front yard that has experienced stress due to fungus and drought in past years. The crew used a bucket lift to cut down the locust and manually cut the pine. They did a fine job and cleaned up well. They came back a few days later and ground the stump of the locust. I was pleased at how nice and deep they ground it. They also ground a small stump of a tree I had removed myself a few years ago at no extra charge. The price was right and I was happy with their efficiency and service.  I would definitely call on Mencer's again if I need tree work.
~ Paul Pier

Peter Keese

Mencer’s had been working in our neighborhood and I am the President of the neighborhood association, so they have done some work for our association. It is a local tree service company and they provide awfully good work. I think their price is good. They do a good job, and they are prompt.
~ Peter Keese

Brenda Wyatt

Very pleased with professionalism, estimate and entire job.
~ Brenda Wyatt

Linda Mowles

Job well done. They cut the wood in the right length for the fireplace and they hauled off the brush and limbs unsuitable for burning.  Even though they used a very large crane to take down the tree by the house, the yard was in pristine condition after they left.  Excellent work, professional employees, proper equipment for the job, and we are no longer in fear that anything.
~ Linda Mowles

S. Massey

Mr. Mencer came to my home the day after I called and gave me an estimate to cut and remove 2 trees and get a large broken limb out of a big tree.  On the day the trees were removed, there were about 6 men cutting and chipping wood.  They were here for an hour or two, got everything cut down, chipped up the wood, did a great clean up and hauled everything away.  The guys that did the work were really nice, worked fast and did a great job. Very efficient, hardworking crew and great clean up.  I will use them again.
~ S. Massey

John Maddox

Dear Angie – Thank you so much for your “detective work.” The knowledge that Miles placed the bill in my mailbox was very helpful for me. Thanks again. Great crew.
~ John Maddox

Dave Graham

Thanks! Looks great.
~ Dave Graham

Chris Skinner

Miles – Thanks again for your patience. We really appreciate you.
~ Chris Skinner

Pat Foster

Miles and Company – I was amazed at the efficiency and teamwork of your people. You have awesome equipment also! Thanks so much.
~ Pat Foster

Ruth and Don Batten

Miles – Thank you for another job well done. I have enclosed an extra $50 to divide among the men who did the job over here as they were exceptional. The one who was so careful removing the dead and fallen trees around the shed without having the shed fall was Eric, I do believe. He has been here before. I remember his catching a baby squirrel in his baseball cap on year as it dropped from the top of the tree that was being cut down. We appreciate his expertise as we enjoy looking at that little shed. We also appreciate the wood being taken over to our neighbor and the fact that they sawed the pieces into manageable lengths – that saved him a lot of chain sharpening and time. Those guys definitely earned the extra $50 and thank you from us.
~ Ruth and Don Batten

Bettie Mason

Miles – than you again for your very quick respond about our maple tree’s problems. Please give our thanks to the guy who did the cutting – he was so very careful, as well as very thoughtful in addressing our concerns. (And a big thank you too to the whole crew for their good job of clean up!)  Best wishes.
~ Bettie Mason

Darryl Smith

I’d like to thank your crew for the terrific work and excellent clean up.
~ Darryl Smith

Paula Holder

Angie – Tree removal was great! Good job with clean up. I would recommend Mencer’s to everyone!
~ Paula Holder

Rhonda Griz

Thank you for a job well done. I have recommended your services to another neighbor.
~ Rhonda Griz

Cindy Pack

Miles – Thanks so much for taking care of our tree work this week! Everything is finished and we are pleased. Special thanks to Angie who went above and beyond to get all appointments coordinated with me (and with 6 dogs, that was not easy)!  Also, both crews that came out were very professional, on time and courteous! I will highly recommend your tree services in the future!
~ Cindy Pack

Ben Cathey

Hi Angie – Tell everyone thank you! Job well done.
~ Ben Cathey

Nancy Dudrick

We could not be more pleased with service! I wasn’t home and the crew did not know to save the wood; the entire tree was chipped up. When they found out, they went away and came back with a load of firewood for us. I could not believe they did that. So nice! I will tell everyone how great Mencer's Tree Service was. Thanks again.
~ Nancy Dudrick

Tom and Pat Blakely

Angie - We want to tell you how pleased we are with your crew today. They were in and out in no time and did an outstanding job. Thank you so much.
~ Tom and Pat Blakely

Jane Sterchi

Miles – Thank you for helping me. You have wonderful boys!
~ Jane Sterchi

Kelly Leiter

Miles - I have to tell you that the crew who removed that silver maple worked very hard and did a truly fine job! I’m very pleased.
~ Kelly Leiter

Ron Dix

Miles & Angie – Thanks so much! Great job and great clean up!
~ Ron Dix

Jan Bowker

Dear Miles - Thank you for getting the willow down so quickly and what an amazing crew removed it. I was fascinated watching them.  Thanks again.
~ Jan Bowker

Donna Finger

Dear Mencer Staff - Thank you for doing what you said you would do when you said you would do it. Thank you for recognizing a potentially dangerous situation & responding rapidly. Thank you for sending a friendly, courteous, competent crew to remove the cracked limb. Dealing with your company has been a pleasure.
~ Donna Finger

Marty Reed

Dear Mr. Mencer - Mary & I want to express our sincere appreciation to you and your crew regarding the removal of the massive white oak tree behind our condo. It was an enormous task, which your team of arborists accomplished with skill and professionalism. To complete such a task leaving no trace of your crew or machinery having been there is truly remarkable. Please convey our appreciation to all of the outstanding specialist involved in this undertaking.
~ Marty Reed

Sue Adams

Miles – Thank you for another job well done by your crew!
~ Sue Adams

Roy and Michelle Fenstermaker

Miles – thanks for taking care of the storm damaged tree on our rental property. Please keep us on your schedule when you are in the area of our other house. You were right when you told us to cut the birch tree down the first time. We should have listened to the ‘Tree Man.’ Lesson Learned!!
~ Roy and Michelle Fenstermaker

Cindy Estes

Miles and Gang – Thank you so much again for your good work. You always do such a good job. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. Again, thank you for your help.
~ Cindy Estes

Norma Cooper

Awesome job! Thank you so much.
~ Norma Cooper

Katherine Key

Thanks for another great job!
~ Katherine Key

Chris Ahlers

Great job! Thank you!
~ Chris Ahlers

Dave & Vicki Brandt

Angie – Thanks for your patience & handling of our poplar tree trimming.
~ Dave & Vicki Brandt

Priscilla Siler

Miles – Thank you so much for coming over so soon, it meant a lot to me. Your guys are the BEST! Please let them know how much I appreciate their professional job. Thanks again.
 ~ Priscilla Siler

Mike Ivens

Miles: Thanks for your work. My law partner said that he will be contacting you also. I will call you if I have more tree work.
~ Mike Ivens

Carol Currier

Thank you! Good job on the trees and stumps.
~ Carol Currier

Neil Oliver

Dear Sirs: Your work was very good and I have recommended you to all my friends. I have another very large tree I would like you to remove. It must be over 50 years old.
~ Neil Oliver

John Jenkins

Miles – Thanks. The crew did an excellent job and I will recommend your company to anyone that is looking for a tree service company.
~ John Jenkins

Lou Mansur

Miles and crew – Thanks for a fine job in cutting down my tree.
~ Lou Mansur

Joy & Micheal Burgamy

Thanks for the great work! Miles’ crew did a fantastic job and we appreciate their “Neatness” with the limbs.
~ Joy & Micheal Burgamy

Jeff Alton

Thanks very much Angie – I’ll drop the check in the mail tomorrow. I appreciate all your help with this project. Miles and his team did a great job! I think our neighbors are going to call you as well. Take care.
~ Jeff Alton

David Ostermeier

Another great job!
~ David Ostermeier

Anita Cook, Southeastern Communications

Thank you! Your guys did an awesome job!
~ Anita Cook, Southeastern Communications

Wanda Crabtree

Thanks for going out on a limb for me. I am very well pleased with your conduct of service as well a job completed for me.
~ Wanda Crabtree

Darrell Lott

Thanks Angie for the follow-up.
~ Darrell Lott

Karen Brown

Thank you for your service. The tree looks great!
~ Karen Brown

David Kornrumpf

Woo Hoo. Miles, Andy and Company showed up this morning as scheduled and knocked out my lower yard work and Don’s back yard. My mountain view has improved and I can finish my lower yard and sow some grass seed.  My greatest compliments to The Mencer team for a job well done. I do not give compliments lightly.  Thank you.
~ David Kornrumpf

Wayne Salmon

Your crew did a good job. Thank you!
~ Wayne Salmon

Dan Bailey

Good job as usual.
~ Dan Bailey

Robert Tarver

Miles – I appreciate the nice, neat job and the speed that your crew performed the work. I also am thankful that your boom truck operator nailed my gutter back in place along the backside of the house. I think he may have thought he dropped a limb and hit it, but the tree you were removing dropped a number of limbs last year during the bad storm and the gutter had been loose since then. Please just pass on my thanks to him for taking care of it.
~ Robert Tarver

David Reeves

Great job as usual. Thanks.
~ David Reeves

Jane Black

Mencer's Tree Services, LLC – Thank you for a job well done.
~ Jane Black

Joey Letterman

Angie – Thanks for the invoice! You and your group did a great job. Please tell Miles. We appreciate you!
~ Joey Letterman

Linda Higdon

I appreciate your service. Job well done!
~ Linda Higdon

Vance Link

Thanks to Angie, Miles, Andy & The Crew!
~ Vance Link

John Mohammed

Miles – Thank you! Your crew did an excellent job. They really went on a the limb today.
~ John Mohammed

Bruce Maulbetsch

Hi Angie – Thank you for such nice, quick service.
~ Bruce Maulbetsch

Emilie Kayser

Dear Mr. Mencer – Your work is extrodinary! We are extremely pleased with the work done.
~ Emilie Kayser

The Brandts

Miles – Your crew did a great job on our crepe myrtles. We look forward to seeing them bloom again. We also appreciate Angie setting things up.
~ The Brandts

Sean Mullins

Dear Mr. Mencer – Thank you very much for your kindness in allowing me to make extended payments. Your crew did an amazing job.
~ Sean Mullins

Shannon McCulley

Hi Angie – Hope you are well! It is always a pleasure & fun to talk with you. Hope we get to meet sometime. The crew did a great job. Thanks again.
~ Shannon McCulley

Emily Pierce

Dear Mr. Mencer – I appreciate the great job your crew did taking the dead pine tree down. They were fast and efficient, cleaned up well. They certainly know what they were doing. Thanks again to you and your crew.
~ Emily Pierce

Jo Hundley

What a special job! Thank you!
~ Jo Hundley

John Porter

Angie – Tell Miles that they did a great job as usual. I am voting for him for President!
~ John Porter

Melissa Ray

Thanks so much.  We appreciate your prompt & friendly service!
~ Melissa Ray

Jon Multon

Thanks Miles. Your group did an excellent job. They’re the best crew!
~ Jon Multon

K. Bowers

Thank you. The trees look great! We will definitely call on you when a need arises.
~ K. Bowers

Chad Honea

Thanks for a great a job in removing my pear tree!
~ Chad Honea

Randy Clark

Miles – thanks for doing such a good job!
~ Randy Clark

Scott & Lynn Rhea

Thank you for getting that tree so fast.
~ Scott & Lynn Rhea

Joan Riedl

Great job!! It all looks so much better & a bonus of talking with Angie.
~ Joan Riedl

Charles Bryant

Miles Mencer – Thanks for your rapid response to my tree damage. Your crew did a very good job including a thorough clean up.
~ Charles Bryant

Teenie Hayworth

Miles - Thanks for the great work once again! Eric is the best.
~ Teenie Hayworth

Liz and David Etnier

Miles – your crew is so professional and does a wonderful job. We really appreciate how well they remove all evidence of their work (and then some).
~ Liz and David Etnier

Linda Pratt

We were so happy with your work. We will have you do more in the future.
~ Linda Pratt

Cliff Hyman

My wife and I are happy with the work and we are telling everyone in the neighborhood about Mencer’s. Thanks again.
~ Cliff Hyman

Ellen Keene

Another great job! Thank you.
~ Ellen Keene

Todd Chambers

Your guys did a great job. Areas where the stumps were look great. Thanks again.
~ Todd Chambers

Margaret Sullivan

Those guys are very pleasant and really did a great job. Tell them thanks!
 ~ Margaret Sullivan

Lin and Suzi Tisdel

This is kind of a "for what it's worth".  Your crew was courteous, prompt, professional, and altogether outstanding.  We especially appreciated how well they cleaned things.
~ Lin and Suzi Tisdel

Cindy Hutson

Thank you so much! I'll get the check out tomorrow. Once again, I'm very happy with the work done. I also need to thank the young guy who held my 1-yr old granddaughter so I could move a car out of the way.
~ Cindy Hutson

John Stone

Angie - Please pass on to Miles and especially Andy and the whole crew - We were so impressed with every one we came in contact with. They were friendly and professional.  Their expertise was beyond our expectations and our job was not a simple one. Their attention to detail and clean up after the job was terrific. They even racked and removed the leaves in the yard! These guys really understand who the customer is!  We have already recommended you to friends. Thank you all so much.
~John Stone

Debbie Mueller

Thanks for everything. I miss talking to you Angie. My neighbor has called you all to remove a tree. I highly recommended Mencer’s!!
~ Debbie Mueller