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If you think your tree may be damaged, diseased, dying or dead you should call Mencer’s Tree Service for a free, no obligation on-site assessment. We’ll send out one of our tree care professionals to diagnose your tree’s health and if needed develop a custom plan to address your situation. There are several apparent and subtle signs to look out for, so leave it to Mencer’s Tree Service to get you the right solution.

Costs can vary greatly depending on factors such as the type of size of tree, as well as the environment it’s located (i.e. how difficult is it to access the tree, how much space there is to drop the tree, etc). Mencer’s Tree Service provides free on-site assessments and will give you a competitive estimate for the job.

Mencer’s Tree Service is fully insured up to $2 million in property damage, along with full workman’s compensation.

We primarily service all of Knox County and surrounding areas, however we do make special trips. Call us to learn more.

Mencer’s follows all ISA Guidelines. Mencer’s uses the right climbing technique for the job.

Mencer’s Tree Service has extensive experience working with a variety of insurance companies, making an unfortunate situation requiring you to make a claim with your insurance provider a little easier on you.

Mencer’s Tree Service provides tree removal and stump grinding services. Tree removal does not include stump grinding, but we can estimate both services during our free on-site assessment.

Yes, Mencer’s Tree Service will chip and haul away any tree trimmings from our jobs so you don’t have to worry about clean up.

Yes, Mencer’s Tree Service has extensive experience in crane assisted removal.

Mencer’s Tree Service has been proudly serving East Tennessee for over 60 years. We’re the oldest locally owned tree service company in Knoxville.

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