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5 Diseases That May Require Tree Service in Knoxville

You may not think you need tree service in Knoxville, but have you taken a good look at your trees lately? According to Mencer’s Tree Service in Knoxville there could be hidden dangers lurking in your trees. Below are a few diseases to look for that could indicate Knoxville tree service.


Look closely at the trunks and branches on your trees. If a blunt force has damaged the tree or it has been infected with bacteria or fungi you could be dealing with Cankers. They will look like patches or dead holes on sections of your tree.


One of the most obvious signs of a sick tree is leaf rust. Leaf rust is a disease that will attack the leaves on your tree. Check for raised white spots on the backside of the leaf. This will be an early sign that you have a fungal infection.


If strange clusters of twigs start appearing on the branches of your trees, you could have Witches Broom Disease. This is caused by stress, a bacterial infection, or parasites. Talk to Mencers Tree Service about Tree Service in Knoxville.


If you have noticed little lint like creatures near the roof of your home or on the trunks of your trees talk to Mencers Tree Service about Bagworms. Bagworms will chew up the leaves on the trees and if left untreated could cause real problems.


If the leaves on your trees start looking red and dead, you could have Fire Blight. This destructive disease has the potential to kill all of the leaves on your tree if you don’t contact a Knoxville Tree Service company as soon as possible. Fire Blight causes the leaves to die at the roots eventually falling off.

Even if you don’t suspect a diseased tree, it’s always a good idea to contact Mencers Tree Service for bi-annual or annual Knoxville Tree Service. Call for an appointment today.

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